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Winter School Maths Support Timetable


For some online advice, check out the Maths Help section of the Ask-A-Question forum on this website, or the resources further below. 


For one-to-one assistance, booking is essential. Please email the lecturer to request a booking or use the Automated Booking System on to make an appointment. For more information about available Maths learning support ring 9919 4744 or email


For drop in sessions, simply turn up at the nominated time and place for Maths assistance.

100% Free Study Help!




@ Footscray Park

12-2 daily in Library, Level 2, Room P202 beside The Writing Space (South East corner of the library - Keep going left at the library foyer entrance at top of main stairs).



@ St Albans

Math Support - Semester 2, 2014 - St Albans cmapus





Business Statistics - Additional Help


@ Footscray Park


Business Statistics Support - Semester 1 2014 Footscray Park campus - #2b


Business Statistics - Additional Help


@ City Flinders


Business Statistics Support - Semester 1 2014 City Flinders campus - #4

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Resources for Study in Maths


MCA Online

Here's a link to maths assistance targeted at TAFE students.


Nursing Calculations

Here's a link to some videos on the RMIT Learning Lab website to help with nursing calculations. (N.B Click on the pictures to play the video)


Maths Online

An excellent tutorial site VU has subscribed to. Ask your Student Learning tutor for login details or call 0409 530 874. To book an appointment with a Student Learning tutor call 99194744.


Khan Academy

Here's a cool site where you can learn Maths and hundreds of other topics for free. Bill Gates is fond of this one.


Math Tutor

Has video lessons and practice exercises on many things Math.


Math Centre

Loads of resources to help students and teachers with Maths.


Additional Online Resources (includes videos and tips)




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How to Study for the Nursing Maths Test


  1. Attempt one of the maths practice quizzes on WebCT: Nursing Priorities to get an idea of what the test will be like. Note the type of question you get incorrect.
  2. Do the first chapter of the book: Clinical Dosage Calculations (Brotto) and go to step 7 but if you are having difficulty doing the exercises in this book, follow steps 3, 4, 5 and/or 6.
  3. Do the diagnostic test on pages 6-9 in the book: Nursing Calculations (Gatford & Phillips) …..The answers are on page 137, if you get some incorrect you should do the exercise listed next to the relevant answer. You can borrow this excellent book from the library or buy it from the book shop.
  4. Use Maths Online by following the instructions below* for lessons with audio.
  5. Go to the VU ‘learning support’ website for maths and do the MCA units decimals and measurement.
  6. Ring 99194744 to book an appointment to obtain help and get your personal login
  7. Attempt the other practice tests



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Using Maths Online for Health Sciences


  1. Google 'Maths Online'
  2. Choose Maths Online – Tuition for Australian students
  3. Login with your personal login details at no cost by booking an individual consultation with study support 99194744 or use a general login:

login: Claudia
password: faint63

4. Go to Year 7 & 8

· Number: Do the following topics and test:
- Decimals
- Fractions (except adding and subtracting - i.e. leave out lessons 5-10)

· Measurement; Do the following Lessons:
- Length conversions (Lesson 1 & 2)
- 24 hour time (Lesson 8)
- Mass conversions (Lesson 9)


For a personal login:
· Make an appointment with a teacher from learning support: 99194744 or go to




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Maths for Engineering


Here is a couple of links to download practice worksheets for Engineering students:

Testing the Foundations

Strengthening the Foundations




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